two actors in a tiled corridor with a yellow tint - female actress on the right with dark curly hair and hooped earrings, young male actor behind her on the left in a t-shirt, both looking straight at camera. Image from the theatre production of Run, Don't Run


A young man fleeing Dublin crash lands on the couch of his Irish American cousin, just as this older cousin’s relationship with his girlfriend is imploding. Over the summer 1999, the three cling to the last vestiges of the dying club scene and flirt with small time criminality as storm clouds gather. Part love triangle, crime thriller and immigrant story.

Premiered at Riverbank Arts Centre (2015) and toured in Ireland (2015).

Duggan has an innate talent in pulling the strands of humanity from even the most tragic of circumstances‘ ★★★★ The Public Reviews

Written by Gary Duggan
Directed by Aoife Sipllane-Hinks
Cast Seán Doyle, Aonghus Óg McAnally, Leah Minto
Produced by Tom Dowling
Costume by Barbara McCarthy
Sound Design by Denis Clohessy
Lighting Design by Sarah-Jane Shiels
Image by Ste Murray