1960’s Ireland and little Laurie, surrounded by her toys, waits for her father to return home. Elated by the gift of the new dress that he brings her, she especially loves the red ribbons that he ties into her long hair. Laurie’s father is taking her on a journey; to a destination that is within walking-distance from her house, yet is a place that is far from home…

Premiered in 2015. WATCH ONLINE.

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM – Los Angeles Cinefest (Feb 2016)
BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SOUND – Wolves Independent Film Festival (Winter 2016)
BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM – Seadance Film Festival (Jan 2016)
THE GRAND JURY PRIZE – Worcestershire Film Festival (2015)

‘The piece has a lovely poetic quality. The use of light is terrific…it was extremely moody and well delivered. There was great assurance in the pace also. It took its time, which is really hard to do.” Peter Sheridan (Playwright, Screenwriter and Director)
‘In Ribbons is initially an excellent film that is both pleasing for technical appreciation and lovers of nostalgia, but becomes so much more than that even when it doesn’t necessarily have to, especially given the heights it’s already achieved. Jeatelot’s narrative builds into a tragic conclusion all through the eyes of a child that has no idea what is going on. The film manages to evoke the horrible gut feeling of suffering injustice when you’re too young to even contextualise one’s own emotions. At some point every child suffers something they did not earn and have no control over. Jeatelot perfectly encapsulates that awful powerlessness.” Tom Fisk (Reviewer – Worcestershire Film Festival)

Written by Caroline Farrell
Directed and edited by Marie-Valerie Jeantelot
Cast Patrick O’Donnell, Melissa Nolan, Geraldine McAlinden, Rebecca Waldron
Produced by Caroline Farrell, Marie-Valerie Jeantelot, Caitriona Costello
Line Produced and Production Designed by Tom Dowling
Cinematography by Basil Al-Rawi
Make Up by Amy O’Neill
Costume and Set Dressing by Elga Hick