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Welcome to Bigger Picture Projects, a theatre & events production company set up by Tom Dowling in 2013. Tom has been working in arts management for almost 2 decades, and holds a degree in Project Management. Most of those years he spent working in high end film productions such as Michael Collins, In America, Becoming Jane, Omagh, Adam and Paul and the TV series Ballykissangel. In 2012 he was project manager on Everything Can Be Done in Principle at Visual Centre for Contemporary Arts, Carlow, which The Irish Times described as one of the ‘top arts events’ of that year. Bigger Picture Projects has established itself as an innovative, high-quality touring company. It offers essential management skill set to artists in the development of budgets, schedules, producing and touring. Providing artists space to focus on creating their artistic vision.


Currently producing and touring:

PatSMALL PLASTIC WARS (tour dates)
Joe is in total control of his world. It’s a pity that it exists only in 1/35 scale and is made of plastic. Meanwhile back in the real world there’s a competition coming up and Joe just wants to be left alone to build his models and win best in show. Unemployment has finally given him the time to enjoy his hobby of sticking bits of plastic together. More info…



Image by Sally Anne KellyCHAROLAIS (tour dates)
Charolais‘ is an age old tale of female rivalry with a new twist: the other woman is cow, a literal one, a purebred Charolais heifer. Siobhan’s boyfriend is a farmer who devotes considerable attention to his prize heifer at the expense of his very pregnant girlfriend. Siobhan has developed a homicidal jealousy for this Charolais and is feeling equally murderous towards her snobbish soon-to-be mother in law. A dark comedy of love and longing: rarely in Irish theatre are the challenges of farming life and the joy of sex expressed so frankly or with such charm.
More info…


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